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the Modest and Incontinent World

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Words to live by:

"The dry rot of prudence hath eaten the ship of fools to dust; she is no more seaworthy."
-- T L Beddoes

"In space, no one can hear you cha-cha-cha."
-- Red Dwarf

"[She] was a rake at heart with the drollest air of mock modesty, a regular Sainte Nitouche, if ever there was one: indeed her chief attraction lay in her French malice, differing, you know, from the English article of the same name. . . . [W]when Martinet dismissed us from the Screechery, after whipping Mabel, to whom she gave the "love cut" in style, we three retired to Nitouche’s bedroom in a state bordering on frenzy. Had a living man fallen amongst us we should have torn him piece-meal like the Bacchantés. As it was, we improvised a man, and—Mais, il y a de péchés qui se font sans en parler, et qui paraissent ètre le résultat d’une folie involontaire."
--Romance of Chastisement